Aspects of Endometriosis
Solitude Repeats
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For more information about my work with Endometriosis, including the art work and poetry which relates directly to this disease then please visit my Endometriosis website.

I volunteer for Endometriosis UK and my case study features on the NHS Livewell Website 

Much of my work relates to the personal journey and experience I have living with Endometriosis. I was diagnosed in 2007 and have endured 3 separate surgeries in the hope of living pain free, or at the very least improving the quality of life that I currently have. I ingest a cocktail of medication everyday in the attempt to restrain the pain and inflammation, in the hope to control my out-of-control body, in the effort to take back the life which is mine.

Some examples of my work are below, which talk about various themes such as medication taking, loss of identity and isolation. 

The piano solo I created, as it repeats, tells the story of vulnerable solitude, fragile fortitude, the deep feelings of loneliness which envelope during difficult times.... with a resilient melancholy which sings 'not quite yet'.




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