During my 'Level 0' course at Bradford Art College I explored myself as a developing and thinking artist and I found this a priceless opportunity to unlock the door that I had closed for sometime.

For my final exhibition I took a series of images , like the one below, which captured the fragility, and brevity of life. 

My final piece was a memorial piece based on my grandfathers life and passing, it was a piece very much about me coming to terms with his death and the whole project enabled me to move tentatively through a grieving process. 

The leaving
 Such a special place,
The house my granddad lived,
Memories of done and gone,
Everyday my eyes had traced,
Like my,
Like my place.
I know every object,
Every last drop,
Your papers,
Your shelving,
From bottom to top.
The frames with their pictures,
The shapes on your walls,
The stains on your carpet,
I witnessed them all.
The tin in your dresser,
Full of shillings and bobs,
A pile of old papers,
Saved for odd jobs.
The ice in your freezer,
As thick as a rock.
The length of your toenails,
Making holes in your socks.
And now you are gone,
And so is your place,
And in boxes I keep your things,
Just taking up space.
Just taking up space.
In my,
In my place.

By Michelle Middleton
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