The final MA Show Exhibition 
Crossley Gallery at the Dean Clough Mills, Halifax.

Project Title: Rarity, Luxury, Necessity
Sugar, Sterile Waste Bags, Nylon Thread, Objects/Audio

This work has its roots firmly placed within representing ‘how it feels’ living with a long term gender specific chronic illness that effects all aspects of female identity, in a culture of sexual taboo that forms a distinct barrier between social acceptance and rejection; and isolation. I have embraced sugar as a medium which offers biological unpredictability, degeneration and loss of control and which mimics the characteristics of chronic illness; in addition the cultural and sociological significance of sugar itself connotes much meaning when considering gender and social divide.

My work is both personal in conception yet has evolved to become broadly conscientious, and explores the notion that through the bringing together of singularity there is a re-enforcement of message which further challenges taboo and the feelings of isolation associated with long term illness.

Michelle Middleton Artist with work inherently about Endometriosis

Finishing TouchesFinishing TouchesMichelle Middleton Artist Michelle Middleton Artist
Michelle Middleton ArtistAt the exhibition MA show Invite

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Luxury, Rarity, Necessity
Final Art Exhibition for the MA Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition at the Dean Clough Gallery Halifax 2013 Michelle Middleton

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