Endometriosis Film
I made a series of short films on the theme of living with the long term chronic Illness Endometriosis. The 3 filmes are titled Fortitude, Submergence and Votality, and play out to a soundtrack taken from a support group meeting. If you listen carefully the soundtrack challenges the notion that support groups are negative places, in fact the strength and humour when talking about Endometriosis and its effects on daily life is evident, the voices are lifting and supportive; whilst the visual imagery has a controlling and overwhelming presence.
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Fortitude Submergence Volatility of Endometriosis.avi
A collection of 3 Short Films, representing 'How it Feels' living with a Chronic Illness; specifically Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease which effects 1 in 10 Women, i myself being one of that...
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