Little Acorn Artists 

I have launched a small organisation named 'Little Acorn Artists' with the view to provide a creative learning opportunity for children, as I firmly believe that from little acorns grow wonderful oak tree's if given the right environment and as part of this journey I hope to provide structured art classes that cover specific artists, techniques and material exploration..... with the emphasis on encouraging fun and developing a LOVE for art, forever.

I also aim to provide individual Art tutoring for children 0-19, with one-on-one support and guidance that works in synergy with the current curriculum as well as encouraging personal development.

Learning is built upon a environment where we create a relaxed 'open' communication, allowing for interaction and discussion and sharing in a supportive and respectful setting. The aim is to build confidence in idea sharing and nurturing an enthusiasm for exploring ideas; ultimately developing and identifying a personal language for creative expression based upon knowledge gained through a variety of topics and tasks.

I keep an ongoing log of the classes I run, for parents and children to see, on the Little Acorns Facebook page 

Please see some examples of the fantastic work we have produced.

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