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Porcelain Pillows
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Thought for the new year


You got colour in your cheeks
And something free about your walk
That tells me life is on your side
And your cares are far and few,
Can I take your hand my love and walk a little while with you?
Baby you don’t know how much I've longed to see,
This day, thought it would never come
Storms are all but long forgot,
No more talk about those things we fear,
Can I take your side and walk a little while more, my dear?I hear music in your voice,
Your words dance in harmony,
Like birds that know the summers coming,

Porcelain Pillows

Porcelain pillows for a night in warm arms,
helplessly falling for those familiar charms.
Nights feeling like a champion broken by the cold morning light,
days spent making up for the wrongs of the night.
A one record collection, same tune stuck on replay,
Can never live up to the talk that you say.
While your comforts alluring with its smile full of teeth,
Calm on the surface but a storm lurks beneath.

Goodbye Mr Funnyman

Goodbye Mr Funnyman,
You forgot to take your bow,
You left the stage in mid applause,
Who do we laugh at now?
Maybe that’s the problem,
Our foolish eyes just don’t see,
That the joker’s smile hides a storm inside,
A soul desperate to be free.
Perhaps emotions are what made you doubt?
But they also made you great,
Behind bright blue eyes quiet sorrow stirred,
No-one could know your lonely fate.
So many faces filled from ear to ear,
And tears drawn out like gold,
You knew just how to reach beyond the screen,

You Will

Poem Inspired by the image above, kindly shared by Christin McBurnett

You Will
I suppose in life you can’t have it all,
There are times you will fly; there are times you will fall.
Clouds will form in your sunniest sky,
You will laugh out loud, you will fall and cry.
It is true what they say, life can be hard,
You will sink or swim, you will grow stronger but scarred.
Your feet will grow weary inside of your shoes,
But you’ll lace them up tight and walk straight past your blues.
If a star filled my night a wish I would make,


U &  I
U didn't realise I would hear your whispers,
U didn't consider the twain shall meet,
U changed court in a clever diversion,
U cried wolf as your silence was sweet.
I closed the door so symbolically sudden,
I am no coward in my actions you’ll see,
I took a stand against your faux intentions,
I am not weak as you believe me to be.
U think I have no ambition,
U think your better than me,
U mistook my kindness as weakness
U told lies and thought I couldn't see.
I had a feeling inside if I am honest,


In my back, in my bones,
Your dark echo bemoans,
In my warmth, in my cold,
You never grow old.
Your visits unwelcome,
Uninvited you come,
No knock on my door,
No pleasantries done.
In my arms, in my hands,
You make your demands,
In my joy, in my pain,
You never abstain.
You’re a constant companion,
Never leaving my side,
An unwanted reminder,
Of freedom denied.
In my muscles, in my skin,
You’re sleeping within,
In my speech, in my thought,
Control you have sought.
You’re a thief like no other,

Frustrations and Forgetfulness

Frustrations and Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness can be mistaken,
For ignorance,
It’s like a drain that’s never full.
Forgetfulness is the darkened shadow,
That lingers,
All my shining moments dull.
I now lose my way in places known,
My mouth betraying my mind,
My past, my future all lost out at sea,
Tread water,
No direction,
Falling years, miles behind.
Forgetfulness is the thickest cloud,
All consuming,
Uncertain horizons in my sky,
I am not myself most of the time,

New Years Resolutions for Endometriosis

Our Top 10 New Year ‘Coping with Endometriosis’ Resolutions
I asked the members of the local support group just what they were thinking of changing or committing to this year in order to cope better with their Endometriosis. Whether you suffer emotionally with moods or feeling down or physically from pain, fatigue or infertility there are sometimes simple changes that can be made in order to improve general wellbeing and ability to live and cope with this disease.

I Will Remember

I will Remember

As I rest my head,
And feel the warmth,
In the comfort of my home,
My head full of plans, dreams to make,
Friends texting on the phone.

I think little of the journey here,
Fought bravely by those gone,
Their sacrifice in all our names,
Lives lost,
Yet in war they won.

I wonder if we could do the same,
If faced with atrocity,
Are we too selfish now?
Too soft?
Too caught up in all thats 'me'?

I dont think we have the heart,
Like they did way back then,
To unite in the face of war,
To knuckle down,
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